Badass Prints is an independent artistic project created
by designer Carla Cimino (she/her).
We openly consider ourselves pro-sex feminists & queer.
We produce sustainable pieces hand-made screen printed with typographic and illustrated designs, and we spread our philosophy through them.
The project is very open and presents in different formats like on-offline exhibitions, pop-ups, editorials, collaborations with artists and spaces.
We also work as editors and producers for emerging artists we love and want to support, working hand by hand with them and giving platform for new perspectives and concepts. 
We believe in an intersectional feminism with all people regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation , ethnicity, including all bodies and dismantling beauty pressure.
 _Hi, my name is Carla (she/her), I'm the graphic designer and screen-printress behind this project. Around 6 years ago, I found out feminism was a thing, and OMG I started to understand everyyhing I was mad about, crazy awakening moment that in Spain we call "ponerte las gafas moradas" (putting on the purple glasses). I still learning and working on my own de-construction, what makes more sense to me is an intersectional feminism.
Clothing is part of our identity and a powerful tool to express ourselves while navigating this fucked-up world, I see the street like a free open-air exhibit where we can all add something inspiring and speak up. 
We* (me with help of my partner, friends and contributors) design and produce everything you see on the shop. This is a really tiny business, we work mostly from our home ( that's great specially during a pandemic) and have a shared screenprinting studio with other freelancers in our loved neighbourhood Wedding (Berlin), where we make our own screens and print editions.
If you wanna see more of our process go to our Behind the Scenes page.
Organic Cotton and Zero-Plastic packaging is a must, we use water-based inks and no chemicals during our production. There is still a lot to do and we are working daily to improve our sustainability, you can read all we achieved so far here.
As fat people who know what is the struggle of the aesthetic pressure and not finding your size at any store,  we really care on being size inclusive, so we have sizes up to 5XL and we can make custom pieces on demand in any size.
Please, if you don't see your size on the Size Chart contact us :)