Badass Angel Silver Necklace
Badass Angel Silver Necklace

Badass Angel Silver Necklace

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This necklace is part of our new collection Your Hell is my Heaven. We claim the feminine energy that is always been associated to the darkness, the forbidden, the evil. From Inquisition times to present, in order to be a good girl, you needed to remain silent. Your freedom means evil.  We vindicate the goddesses, the witches, the brave who dared to speak up, Hell is our safe space. 


Necklace made with high quality materials.

Material: Brass (Nickel Free)

Finishing: Rhodium and shiny smalts.

T-bar closing that you can also use as extra decoration.

Measures: 50cm length.

Pendant measures: 24mm wide

Limited Edition


Hand crafted in Italy by a small family business. 

Designed by us in Berlin. 

100% made in Europe. 

We care about sustainability 

Shipping Info, Wash & Care.

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